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Have You Done Retinal Imaging?

New Retina Technology

Retinal Imaging in SomersetDr. Brownfield  of The Eyeglass Shoppe, in Somerset and Latrobe, PA, is proud to introduce the latest cutting edge technology in retinal imaging. This amazing device allows your eye doctor to see retinal, optic nerve and cornea structures not visible through regular exam methods by using light to provide a high resolution scan meant to pick up early signs of structural change or disease. This allows your eye doctor to see even the smallest changes in the retina and optic nerve with greater accuracy, and much higher definition. This allows for early and accurate detection of common sight threatening eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, easier than ever before.

DRI- Digital Retinal Imaging

A retinal image is very important as a baseline for your eye health. We are able to take pictures of your retina in a painless manner where  you just s it at the machine and look inside. The machine does all the work. This process will provide you and your eye doctor with an extremely detailed picture of your eye that will act as a valuable road map of your overall eye health.

Even Healthy Eyes Need A Scan

The high resolution images produced by DRI provide a personal benchmark for each person's ocular health and helps detect sudden changes through the years. Since the images can be stored and seen on a computer, you are able to see for yourself everything the doctor is telling you about your eye health, allowing you to take an active role in preserving your valuable sense of sight.
The patient experience is also fast, easy and painless, with a noticeable focus on maximizing patient convenience and eliminating patient discomfort. Nothing touches your eye at any time and it is suitable for the whole family, from youngest to oldest. The exam consists of taking a brief look into the device one eye at a time. You will see a comfortable flash of light, which lets you know the image of your retina has been taken, and you're done!

Who Should Have One?

Dr. Brownfield recommends digital retinal imaging for most patients, “The quality of the imaging and the amount of information we can get from this scan is of great value. Often, we find that a patient thinks his or her vision is very good, but when we administer the DRI, we find that, at the cellular level, there are important changes that signify possible issues that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. Early detection and effective prevention are the most important parts of beating any disease, and this is where Digital Retinal Imaging shines!”
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